IBC Poly Containment Systems & Covers

Model Number: 10220952

Product Name: IBC Poly Containment Systems & Covers

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All IBC's (intermediate bulk containers) must be bunded to comply with regulations. The bund must have the capacity to hold at least 100% of the net capacity of the largest container. These Polyethylene IBC Containment Bunds offer a cost effective and space saving bund solution, without compromising on quality or safety. Available in both single and double units (don’t forget the spare 1000L container must be bunded). Optional PVC weather covers are excellent for outdoor locations to eliminate storm water filling the bund - as this will render the bund non-compliant. Dispensing trays are available for both the single and double version to provide spill containment when decanting – these units will even spill back into the main bund should the container valve be left open.


  • Australian Made
  • Fully compliant with regulations for storage of IBC's (intermediate bulk containers)
  • UV stable
  • Tough polyethylene construction, resistant to most chemicals
  • Removable fibreglass grates for easy cleaning
  • Nestable design saves space when transporting and storing
  • Single IBC Bund Sump Capacity: 1150L
  • Double IBC Bund Sump Capacity: 1300L
  • Forklift pockets for easy relocation
  • Optional all-weather protection: PVC Cover and Galvanised Frame
  • Optional additional spill containment caddy: IBC Dispensing Tray

Model IBC Storage Capacity Dimensions (W x D x H) Weight Capacity Load Capacity
mm mm kg L
10220952 Single IBC Bund 1760 x 1350 x 780 107 1150 1850 SWL
10220953 Double IBC Bund 2560 x 1350 x 580 116 1300 3200 SWL
10220947 Dispensing Tray to suit 10220952
10222012 Dispensing Tray to suit 10222053
10220924 PVC Cover & Frame to suit 10220952
10220954 PVC Cover & Frame to suit 10220953

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