The Mining Industry

Facility Management

Remote mine sites throughout Australia often have accommodation villages for the ‘Fly In, Fly Out’ (FIFO) staff that work at the sites. Facilities Management involves the maintenance and cleaning of the camp accommodations, catering and cooking meals for the occupants, transporting mine staff from camps to site, and the purchasing and storage of food and cleaning supplies for the camps.

Backsafe Mining has forged strong relationships with Facilities Management providers and continues to work with them to create and supply equipment that complements safer manual handling processes, thereby improving safety standards and reducing manual handling related injuries at work.


Contractors are a huge part of the mining industry in Australia. Mining companies often contract out jobs that require specialised knowledge or skills such as excavations, construction, equipment installations, machinery maintenance (shutdown crews) and so on. Using contractors assists mining companies to maintain high safety standards and compliance with relative regulations and laws; additionally, it allows the individual contractors to direct their resources more efficiently and effectively (reducing wastage and costs).

Iron Ore

Australia has a vast array of mineral resources including alumina, aluminium, iron ore, uranium, gold, coal, LNG (liquefied natural gas), lithium and more, however iron ore is Australia’s largest source of export revenue due to its abundance and high grade quality – in 2017, export shipments of iron ore totalled 828 million tonnes. A large proportion of Iron Ore mines are located within the Pilbara region of Western Australia, making it the largest producer of iron ore in the world!

Products for the Mining Industry

Backsafe Mining has been created to provide a better, more focused service delivery for our clients in the mining, resources and oil and gas industries. We offer extensive experience with ‘mine-spec’ and customised equipment for materials handling, safety and storage requirements. With in-house manufacturing, parts, maintenance and servicing, we’re here to support you, wherever you are.

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We understand that equipment used in the mining, resources and oil and gas industries needs to be built tough for harsh conditions, exceed Australian Standards, and go above and beyond expectations. While we have a vast range of stocked products ready for swift delivery, we also have the capabilities to modify these products to suit your specific need, or design and build a completely out-of-the-box product. Our dedicated manufacturing premises provides us with the means to create exactly what you need in the fastest possible time frame.

When investing in equipment for your workplace, it’s important to consider short-term vs. long-term benefits. High quality products usually involve a higher initial monetary investment due to fabrication material and processes, and the country of manufacture. This initial investment will provide a solid foundation for long-term benefits such as reduced maintenance costs and downtime, improved safety for users, and increased efficiency and productivity. When compared to products of lesser quality, while the initial monetary outlay is less, ongoing costs relating to maintenance and upkeep, downtime, potential safety risks and injuries for users, soon accumulate to cause inefficiencies in performance and finance.

We have been trusted with the workplace safety of many global mining organisations, and endeavour to provide the best possible solution to materials handling, storage and safety challenges.

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