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 Tow it?

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  Safeguard it?

 Secure it?

 Rack it?

 Shift it?  If so, then we can help!

Backsafe Mining is a development of Backsafe Australia, to provide a dedicated area of support and expertise to the mining sector – the industry that is integral to Australian and global economies.


“To provide all requirements for logistics, warehousing and access of goods from layout concept to maximal system completion.”


“To be the ‘go to’ company, supplying innovative products and solutions in the area of materials handling and storage for the mining, engineering and manufacturing sectors. We want Backsafe Mining to become known as the company that takes the ‘work’ out of workplace.”


Innovate – We’re ready to tackle your challenges with a fresh approach, with a view to achieving safer, leaner workplaces

Build – Our sales, design, and manufacturing teams work together to create outstanding equipment to suit you

Grow – Always ready for improvement and new ideas, we won’t stop short of achieving the best that can be done

Being an agile, family-owned and operated business provides us with the flexibility and creativity that is essential to keeping ahead in a fast-paced environment. We enjoy providing innovative solutions to empower employees to advance their workplaces to become safer and more efficient.

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With many years’ experience within the mining, resources, and oil and gas industries, our expertise, products and services have been put to the test…and excelled. We understand that equipment used in these industries needs to be built tough for harsh conditions, exceed Australian Standards, and go above and beyond expectations. While we have a vast range of stocked products ready for swift delivery, we also have the capabilities to modify these products to suit your specific need, or design and build a completely out-of-the-box product. Our dedicated manufacturing premises provides us with the means to create exactly what you need in the fastest possible time frame.

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Trusted with the workplace safety of many global mining organisations, we provide the best possible solution to materials handling, storage and safety challenges.

We’re with you all the way.

Mine Spec

There’s fewer work sites in Australia tougher than the mines. Mines require tools and equipment known as ‘mine spec’ – short for ‘up to mine specifications’. Mine spec tools and products need to be built tough for harsh conditions.

Mine spec equipment not only has to be tough enough for all applications, but it also has to be adaptable for different types of ore or conditions – underground mines vs. open cut mines, for example. Whether you work in warehousing, retail, medical, or any other industries, mine spec materials handling equipment will work for you. In addition to the products already being of a high standard they can be fitted with different attachments for additional safety or utility.

Though you wouldn’t want to intentionally unnecessarily put your materials handling equipment through the ringer, mine spec products are designed to exceed Australian Standards, and will last longer than comparable equipment. If your industry isn’t in the mining or heavy construction industry, it’s likely that your mine spec products will last far beyond their non-mine spec counterparts. A slightly higher investment today will most likely mean less costs in terms of replacement and maintenance in the medium- to long-term. The mine spec product will definitely be able to withstand all the scrapes and knocks of everyday use, and will last beyond any regular spec materials handling equipment that you can think of.

Since there’s versatility and durability baked into all types of mine spec materials handling products such as lifters, forklift attachments, scissor lifts, drum handling equipment and other pallet or heavy load handlers, with the correct supplier the quality of all the products you choose – no matter what – will be above and beyond anything else in the market. Mine spec, as we’ve mentioned, is built extraordinarily tough, rigged for maximum safety. Bringing an additional peace of mind; you can trust that your equipment won’t fail at critical times, nor will it be the primary cause of accidents or incidents due to overuse or fatigue. Once you purchase your mine spec equipment, the company card will gather dust for a long time to come (at least when it comes to replacement, anyway!).

Backsafe Mining carries a range of mine spec materials handling products suitable for not only the mining industry but a range of different industries. If you’re interested in purchasing some mine spec equipment don’t hesitate to get in touch.