We provide innovate workplace solutions, specialised for your requirements. With over 13 years’ experience within the mining, resources, and oil and gas industries, our expertise, products and services have been put to the test…and excelled. Trusted with the workplace safety of many organisations within this sector, we provide the best possible solution to materials handling, storage and safety challenges

ALS Global

Minimising the risks associated with handling samples of minerals, metals and rocks required an innovative solution. STURGO® provided just that, with a custom handling machine to improve safety and ergonomics for the ALS geochemistry teams.

Team Development Through Learning

Helping your team perform better. Through implementing safe work procedures, providing ergonomic handling equipment and efficient storage solutions, we help you put safety first in your workplace…

Customised Tool Organisation

With a goal of minimising the loss/misplacement of tools and improving efficiency in their workshop, this earthmoving machinery manufacturer now has a swish tool storage system for their maintenance and repairs teams. Organisation made easy!

William Adams CAT

Neat and organised storage for William Adams CAT in Tasmania. The WERKS® Pallet Cages’ robust design and fabrication provides durability and strength; a worthwhile investment that will last through many Bass Strait storms!

Oil & Gas Merger

With the merge of two oil and gas companies came the need for reconfiguration of the existing warehousing facilities to accommodate the change – relocation of pallet racking, supply and install of new cantilever racking, and ensuring compliance needs were met.

Clough Wheatstone Project

Clough’s scaffold basket trolleys at the Wheatstone site were in desperate need of renewal! The opportunity was taken to improve the design of the trolleys, provide a new fleet, then revamp the existing ones to increase the fleet size.

Rio Tinto ~ Silvergrass Project

Backsafe Mining was awarded with the equipment supply contract for Rio Tinto’s Silvergrass mining project in northern Western Australia. This included equipment for the Parts Storage, Reception, Workshops and Office areas.

SGS Australia

SGS Australia’a laboratory team were frustrated with their storage system for the soil and rock samples they tested. They required a solution that would provide protection, visibility and reduced packaging material waste, and they got it!

About us

Backsafe Mining is a development of Backsafe Australia, to provide a dedicated area of support and expertise to the mining sector – the industry that is integral to Australian and global economies.

Being an agile, family-owned and operated business provides us with the flexibility and creativity that is essential to keeping ahead in a fast-paced environment. We enjoy providing innovative solutions to empower employees to advance their workplaces to become safer and more efficient.

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