Oyu Tolgoi Mongolia

Oyu Tolgoi Mongolia

I-WIS LLC, the equipment provider for onsite facilities management at Rio Tinto’s Oyu Tolgoi mining project in Mongolia.
Focused on one of the largest known copper and gold deposits in the world, this mining project has had a major positive impact in the region, contributing to the prosperity of the Mongolian economy and supporting local communities.

12100013 (now model 18300033CTR) STURGO® Spring-Base Laundry Trolley

Backsafe Australia was provided with the opportunity to tender on the supply of laundry trolleys for the Oyu Tolgoi Underground Project facilities. Specifications were provided that needed to be met, to fit in with the facility layout. The large quantity required and remote delivery location posed a challenge that we couldn’t wait to tackle and resolve!

We were notified of being the successful tendering company for the laundry trolleys at the end of December 2018. Confirmation of design and specifications of the trolleys were confirmed early January 2019 and production commenced. Necessary features of the trolleys included dimensions of 1250mmL x 700mmW x 850mmH; and all wheels to have swivelling ability, fitted in jockey configuration, with brakes on front and back.

We met some difficulties along the way with production delays due to new year holidays and quality testing. Constant communication and reporting with our manufacturing team and client ensured the final product was of the best quality and delivered in the fastest possible time frame.

Time Period:
Enquiry received August 2018 followed by quoting and discussions. Order confirmed December 2018; manufacturing commencement January 2019. Delivery to site completed in May 2019.
The STURGO® Spring-loaded Laundry Trolleys have been proven on numerous mine sites throughout Australia as reliable and robust, which we believe will be the same in Mongolia. With a very satisfied client and more trolleys scheduled for delivery, we look forward to continuing to support this project.

Facilities management on mine sites needs to run at maximum efficiency, safely! STURGO® can deliver on that…contact us to find out how!