Oil & Gas Merger


The merge of two major oil & gas companies mid-2017 led to the reconfiguration of their warehousing facilities in Jandakot WA. Existing warehouse pallet racking needed to be relocated between buildings, with new load signage and ratings. New cantilever racking was also required at the site, with a specified height of 8500mm!

Backsafe Australia assisted in the re-arrangement of the pallet racking at the Jandakot site. Our install manager, Darren, was onsite for the best part of a week, coordinating the project. Qualified labourers were also contracted to complete the installation, which involved disassembling the racking, moving it between buildings, and reassembling the racking, according to the client’s layout plans. The job was completed at the end of November 2017.
The cantilever racking was supplied and installed during January 2018. This included three double-sided rows of racking at 8.5 metres high, 13 arms on each side of the columns, and 147 metres of guide rail at the base of the racking to keep the client’s side loader machine on a straight path down the aisles. The finished product looked most impressive and the client was very pleased, to say the least!

Time Period:
Initial enquiry/quotation stage October 2017; installations completed in November 2017 and January 2018.


  • Installation and project management services
  • Cantilever Racking @ 8500mmH (2 x Rows of 14 Columns @ 1500mm centres; 1 x Row of 21 Columns @ 1000mm centres; 26 arms per column; 147 metres of Guide Rail)

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