To improve the workshop storage and organisation system. There was a lack of proper storage space for tools, and organisation was wanting.

The “5S” Lean Principle was used as a guide – SORT, SET IN ORDER, SHINE, STANDARDISE, SUSTAIN.
To provide an organised, easy to use system for tool storage, a custom WERKS® Tool Shadow Board was supplied and installed. Each tool has a labelled place, making clean-up and organisation easy.
For maintenance work around the workshop, mobile storage units were designed and manufactured in-house – a work of art! Each WERKS® Tool Cabinet Cart contains a shelved section, drawer cabinet and perforated panel doors for tool storage. Locks on the cart doors were included for security, and push handles for ease of transport.
The workshop equipment is colour coded, to make organisation easier (it looks great too!). The painted floor really finished off the project, creating a bright, lean and organised workspace.
Tools were SORTED and SET IN ORDER, neat and tidy storage SHINES, a consistent procedure for storage encourages STANDARDISATION, and the new, functional equipment makes it easy to SUSTAIN.

Time Period: 
Planning and quoting began in March 2017; supply and install was complete in June 2017.

Custom WERKS® Tool Shadow BoardCustom WERKS® Tool Cabinet Carts, various WERKS® Tool Holders

Remember, safe and efficient workplaces breed a positive and profitable environment
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