Coastal Midwest Transport


As a specialist haulier of every type of freight imaginable, Coastal Midwest Transport’s trucks carry a lot of different sized items, which all need to be packaged in a protective way. They were following the standard pattern of many freight companies – package the items onto pallets, shrink wrapping them tightly, and adding extra wrapping for fragile items. They were looking for an alternative though – a better way!

The WERKS® Pallet Cages offered an excellent solution. With strong mesh sides and a hardwood or pine pallet base, contents are protected and kept neat and organised. Access to contents is made easy via the swinging or fold down sides, and the cages can be removed from the pallets if required. The Pallet Cages can be stacked and are also suited to pallet racking, providing versatile and easy storage.
The usage of WERKS® Pallet Cages provided Coastal Midwest Transport with an environmentally-friendly, cost-effective and quality way to give them a competitive edge.

Time Period:
March 2018


16640027 WERKS® 300mmH Clamp On Pallet Cage w/ Pine Pallet

16640004 WERKS® 500mmH Clamp On Pallet Cage w/ Pine Pallet

16640017 WERKS® 825mmH Bolt On Pallet Cage w/ Hardwood Pallet

Could a WERKS® Pallet Cage transform your storage or transport system? We reckon so!