STURGO® Spring Base Mesh Trolley

Model Number: 18300027CNR

Product Name: STURGO® Spring Base Mesh Trolley

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The STURGO® range of Spring-Base Mesh Trolleys are designed to relieve users of back strain related to bending and lifting. Excellent for handling linen in facilities management situations, the mesh sides allow airflow to contents, with an in-built self-levelling spring compression base which adjusts according to the load weight, reducing the need to bend and lift. Commonly known as Wet and Dry Laundry Trolleys or Soiled Linen Trolleys, these trolleys can also be used in many other applications to reduce manual handling risks.


  • Strong and durable galvanised construction
  • Mesh sides and perforated base insert provide ventilation and content visibility
  • Mesh size 50mm x 50mm
  • Excellent manoeuvrability
  • Small Wheel Configuration: corner mounted; all swivel wheels with brakes
  • Medium Wheel Configuration: jockey mounted; fixed side wheels; swivel braked centre wheels
  • Large Wheel Configuration: jockey mounted; fixed side wheels; swivel braked centre wheels
  • Self-levelling spring base reduces back strain
  • Two spring configurations available:  corner top-mount springs for lighter loads (vinyl spring covers included for user safety); centre under-mount coil spring for heavier loads
  • Works well with Stack & Nest Containers - medium trolley fits 2 x containers, large trolley fits 3 x containers
  • Hooks can be attached to mesh sides for pick and pack despatch bags (e.g. Australia Post)
  • PVC full-surround bumper
  • Push handle available

Ideal for:

Warehouse | Workshop | Retail | Mining | Agriculture | Hospitality/Food Services | Health/Medical | Office/Education | Cleaning

Model Spring Dimensions Load Capacity Wheel Diameter
mm kg mm
18300027CNR Corner Top-Mount 800L x 600W x 810H 60 125
18300027CTR Centre Under-Mount 800L x 600W x 810H 100 125
18300030CNR Corner Top-Mount 1050L x 700W x 850H 60 160
18300030CTR Centre Under-Mount 1050L x 700W x 850H 100 160
18300033CNR Corner Top-Mount 1250L x 700W x 850H 60 160
18300033CTR Centre Under-Mount 1250L x 700W x 850H 100 160
18300037 Push Handle to suit above trolley models

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