STURGO® Load Rollers

Model Number: 16810080

Product Name: STURGO® Load Rollers

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  • Move 2 to 24 tonne and still protect your floors
  • Nylon wheels provide added protection to flooring
  • Sealed bearings for increased durability
  • Non slip rubber grip surfaces to assist the prevention of load movement

Model Description Includes
16810079 3T Swivel Load Roller Includes 1 x a1 metre drawbar; 1 x platform with 4 x load wheels (platform can swivel)
16810080 2T Fixed Load Roller 1 x skate containing a rubber surface; 2 x load wheels
16810081 6T Fixed Load Roller 1 x skate containing; 6 x load wheels
16810078 8T Swivel/Fixed Load Roller Set Part A contains one skate (4 load wheels) and an 800mm handle; Part B contains two skates with rubber surfaces (2 load wheels per skate) and a joining bar.

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