Nally MegaBin®

Model Number: 16140088

Product Name: Nally MegaBin®

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Designed specifically for the Australian market, the MegaBin® is capable of holding up to half a tonne and has the same footprint dimensions as an Australian pallet. Nally MegaBin® has rightly been regarded as Australia's best bulk bin. These MegaBins® are specially designed for easy and safe transportation of fruits and vegetables and other high retail performances. Edged with rounded corners and smooth inner surface keeps the produce inside, quite safe and prevents any damage during movement. With the inclusion of multiple vents in sides and base, constant airflow is maintained for the faster cooling of products, adding valuable shelf life to your produce. The quality materials used to build the bins with non absorbent surfaces will prevent any transfer of mould, bacteria and other disease carrying organisms. Ergonomic design is perfectly compatible with any kind of bin handling equipment. The bins also have the option of unique molded label holders for keeping cards and tags. Nally MegaBins® are up to 40 percent lighter than other wood bins and do not gain weight as they don't absorb moisture. This also adds to the increased freight efficiency of 4 to 5 percent. It means you can easily transport approx 2 to 3 bins of fruit per semi trailer load.


  • 100% HDPE and available in solid or ventilated
  • The positive interlocking foot design offers quicker handling and safe stacking up to ten bins high that enables to maximise floor space
  • Static stacking up to 5000kg in cold storage
  • Fully UV stabilised and food grade approved
  • Vented MegaBin® provides superior airflow to keep products cool faster
  • Comfortable handholds are built in for easy lifting and handling of bins
  • Extendable height foot ensures maximum safety by allowing for accurate and safe location of the bin in pallet racking application by creating deeper recess
  • Nally MegaBins® are compatible with Dexion, Schaeffer, Colby and Loscam pallet racking
  • Available in colour beige only

Optional Accessories:

  • Lids
  • Castor Kits
  • Anti-tipping Bars

External Size Height Volume Weight Bin Capacity
mm mm litres kg kg(up to)
1162 x 1162 780 780 43 500

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