Multi Tip Bin Tipper

Model Number: 13990059

Product Name: Multi Tip Bin Tipper

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The Multi-Tip Bin Tipper is safe, reliable, cost effective and easy to use. It is ideal for operations where a light-duty mobile bin-tipping machine is required, reducing the risk of manual handling injuries related to emptying wheelie bins.

Safe to use:

  • Single-mast lifting design provides operator with unobstructed view
  • Two-hand control system for ultimate safety, preventing operator from accessing moving parts while using machine
  • Weight of the bin is kept within the machine footprint throughout the tipping cycle

Operation couldn't be easier:

Simply wheel the bin onto the cradle, press the SAFETY and RAISE buttons to lift and empty the bin. Then press the SAFETY and LOWER button to lower the bin back to ground level.
  • There's no need to strap or clamp the wheelie bin
  • Safe control system stops the process as soon as the SAFETY button is released


  • Robust steel construction with corrosion-resistant powder coated finish
  • Galvanised cradle with zinc-plated guarding makes it ideal for outdoor use
  • Safe two-handed controls with key switch and battery indicator
  • Smart digital float charger with 21Ah deep-cycle sealed gel battery
  • Industrial 125mmØ castors, rear braked
  • In-built fork pockets
  • Reliable hydraulic mechanism
  • Optional features and modifications available to suit your needs – ask for further details
  • Certified to comply with international quality and safety standards including ISO 12100, AS/NZS 4024, and CE
  • Designed and manufactured in New Zealand
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