Gas & Aerosol Storage Cabinets

Model Number: 14430027

Product Name: Gas & Aerosol Storage Cabinets

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  • Made from heavy duty steel with feature mesh walls to provide natural ventilation
  • Bolt down plates permanently secure the cage in place
  • New look durable green powder coated finish
  • Lockable
  • For use with Poison Gas, Oxidising Gas, Flammable Gas and Non-flammable/ Non-Toxic Gas
  • Unique compact modules specifically suited to forklift standard LPG cylinders, small LPG cylinders, and general purpose cylinders
  • Heavy duty design with forklift channel and restraining chains
  • Padlockable door for increased security
  • All options are suitable for non-flammable, non-toxic gas, poisonous gas, oxidising gas and flammable gas bottles
  • Complies with Australian safety standards AS/NZS 1596 & AS4332

Aerosol Storage Cabinets

Model Description Internal Dimensions External Dimensions Unit Weight
mm mm kg
14430123 Aerosol Storage Cabinet - 18 Cans 326H x 438W x 230D 400H x 500W x 250D 9
14430027 Aerosol Storage Cabinet - 72 Cans 366H x 638W x 270D 612H x 757W x 335D 12
14430124 Aerosol Storage Cabinet - 180 Cans 820H x 770W x 320D 900H x 850W x 400D 34
14430125 Aerosol Storage Cabinet - 300 Cans 1720H x 770W x 320D 1800H x 850W x 400D 67
14430029 Aerosol Storage Cabinet - 345 Cans 820H x 1575W x 320D 900H x 1655W x 400D 69
14430126 Aerosol Storage Cabinet - 625 Cans 1720H x 1575W x 320D 1800H x 1655W x 400D 131

Forklift Gas Storage Cabinets

Model Description Internal Dimensions External Dimensions Unit Weight
mm mm kg
14430001 Dual Side Access Small 1925H x 760W x 870D 2000H x 860W x 970D 150
14430023 Dual Side Access Large 1925H x 1130W x 870D 2000H x 1230W x 970D 130
14430033 Single Side Access Medium 1654H x 780W x 520D 1760H x 855W x 585D 96
14430128 Single Side Access Large 1807H x 800W x 900D 1900H x 850W x 950D 126
14430035 Single Side Access XLarge 1907H x 1240W x 860D 2000H x 1340W x 960D 200
14430129 Single Side Access XXXLarge 1820H x 1125W x 1070D 2000H x 3600W x 1170D 460
14430036 Gas Cylinder 2 x T Size 915H x 690W x 428D 1023H x 750W x 450D 35
14430037 Gas Cylinder 4 x T Size 975H x 690W x 690D 1050H x 750W x 750D 65
14430024 Gas Cylinder 6 x T Size 975H x 1020W x 670D 1050H x 1100W x 750D 95
14430039 Gas Cylinder 12 x T Size 1925H x 1020W x 670D 2000H x 1100W x 750D 182

LPG Gas Bottle Storage Cabinets

Model Description Internal Dimensions External Dimensions Unit Weight
mm mm kg
14430096 LPG 9kg Gas Storage - 2 Bottles 560H x 660W x 380D 620H x 720W x 400D 19.5
14430021 LPG 9kg Gas Storage - 6 Bottles 1120H x 970W x 380D 1190H x 1030W x 400D 54
14430040 LPG 9kg Gas Storage - 8 Bottles 1120H x 660W x 700D 1190H x 720W x 720D 68
14430022 LPG 9kg Gas Storage - 16 Bottles 1120H x 1305W x 700D 1190H x 1365W x 720D 129
14430025 LPG 9kg Gas Storage - 24 Bottles 1720H x 1305W x 700D 1800H x 1365W x 720D 150

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