Dumpmaster Bin Tipper

Model Number: 13990038

Product Name: Dumpmaster Bin Tipper

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The Dumpmaster Bin Tipper empties any bin at any height, quickly and safely, with an electro-hydraulic mechanism. Used in many industries and suited to most environments, this bin tipper will save many injuries and strains related to emptying bins.

Safe to use:

  • Bins are raised vertically, then gently rolled forward when they are at the right height.
  • Space-saving design requires less than a square metre of space, and is much safer than tippers that rotate the wheelie bin around a fixed pivot point.
  • The bin and cradle come down by gravity alone, which increases the safety of the Dumpmaster.

Operation couldn’t be easier:

Simply wheel the bin onto the cradle and press the ‘up’ button.  When the bin has emptied, press the ‘down’ button.
  • There’s no need to strap or clamp the wheelie bin
  • Stop the machine at any time by taking your finger off the button
  • A choice of Emergency Stop or Key Switch is also offered


  • Robust steel construction with galvanised finish
  • Galvanised frame and cradle with zinc-plated guarding make it ideal for outdoor use
  • Full cage guard with interlocked safety door
  • Weather-tight control panel with key switch and battery indicator
  • Onboard digital float charger with 2 x 12V 21Ah deep-cycle sealed gel batteries
  • Industrial 100mmØ castors, rear braked, or optional bolt-down lugs
  • Powerful, reliable electro-hydraulic mechanism
  • Optional features and modifications available to suit your needs – ask for further details
  • Certified to comply with international quality and safety standards including ISO 12100, AS/ NZS 4024, and CE
  • Designed and manufactured in New Zealand
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