Custom WERKS® Shadow Boards

Model Number: C-SHAD-FS

Product Name: Custom WERKS® Shadow Boards

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  • Custom model C-SHAD-FS is comprised of multiple free-standing perforated panel walls in multiple colours. This was created for the South Metro Regional Council in Perth.
  • Custom model C-SHAD-LS is made using Long Span Shelving units fitted with leaning WERKS® Perforated panels and a lower steel shelf.
  • Custom Model C-SHAD-SH is also made from Long Span Shelving and is fitted with 3 x Perforated Panel and 1 x Slotted Panel and 2 x lower timber shelves. This was made for Pilbara Iron (Rio Tinto).
  • Custom Model C-SHAD-Walls is a free-standing module with a unique configuration which fits the specific warehouse environment. It incorporates both slotted and perforated panels of multiple colours.
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