Boscotek High Density Storage Cabinets

Model Number: 10330000

Product Name: Boscotek High Density Storage Cabinets

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Please Note:  These cabinets are not available for online purchases due to the wide variety of configurations and components available. Please contact us for further details. The Easy Order Guide is also helpful, which is located under the Documents tab above.


  • Space maximisation - High density storage cabinets enable the best use of available storage space.
  • Heavy duty construction - Cabinets are made using 2mm rigid interlocking frame which provides excellent structural stability.
  • Drawer options - Drawers are constructed as one piece providing extra strength. Drawer options include single extension or full extension runners. Single extensions drawers can support up to 80kg UDL per drawer while full extension runners support between 150 and 200kg UDL (depending on cabinet width). All drawers are made using heavy-duty ball bearing runners and secured without screws for fast assembly and reconfiguration. There are 5 standard drawer sizes available. Drawers are also designed to hold drawer accessories such as dividers, tool supports or plastic bins.
  • Flush Handles - These cabinets incorporate a flush-extruded handle which runs the entire width of the drawer. Handles also include  a drawer-labelling groove to allow insertion of labels for clear identification of drawer contents.
  • Locking - A central rear locking system securely locks off all drawers in the cabinet. This system offers excellent security as the locks maintain a high level of integrity which is not easily manipulated or flawed.
  • Anti-tilt System - To minimise risk of injury, cabinets are fitted with a unique “True anti-tilt mechanism”. Unlike similar mechanisms on the market, which can be easily flawed the Boscotek “True anti-tilt mechanism” prevents multiple drawers being pulled open at one time. Once a drawer is open all others are locked shut, providing a tangible OH&S benefit.
  • Cabinet Integration - These high density cabinets can easily be integrated to form a complete storage system by connecting at the side or the top through knockout holes that are conveniently positioned on the cabinet body.
  • Base Options - Cabinets are supplied standard with levelling feet for use where uneven surfaces may exist; heavy duty castors and forklift bases are available to allow relocation whilst fully loaded.
  • Bench Tops - A selection of working surfaces is available to maximise the versatility of these cabinets.


  • Heavy duty castors make these cabinets mobile. Non-marking polyurethane castors provide the flexibility to move or reorganise your workspace. Castors can handle up to 150kg each and come in arrangements of 2 swivel brake and 2 fixed castor
  • Internal Drawer Configuration Accessories help high density cabinets to maximise their space with a limited footprint. Dividers, partitions, plastic bins, metal trays, tool supports and groove trays are some of these accessories.
  • Door Kits to suit these cabinets are available. Doors incorporate 3-point locks providing concealed shelving for industrial applications.
  • Lock-in Thumb Latch - Thumb latches are ideal for mobile storage cabinets, they keep each draw secure within the cabinet body and need triggering when pulling on the drawer to open.


Drawer Cabinets

D Series Cabinets - 755mm depth (Item code prefix BTCD) S Series Cabinets - 605mm depth (Item code prefix BTCS) Available in the following sizes (L x W):
  • 700mm x 560mm
  • 700mm x 710mm
  • 700mm x 1010mm
  • 700mm x 1410mm
  • 850mm x 560mm
  • 850mm x 710mm
  • 850mm x 1010mm
  • 850mm x 1410mm
  • 1200mm x 710mm
  • 1200mm x 1010mm
  • 1500mm x 710mm
  • 1500mm x 1010mm

Combination Cabinets

D Series Cabinets - 755mm depth (Item code prefix BTCD) S Series Cabinets - 605mm depth (Item code prefix BTCS) Available in the following sizes:
  • 2100mmH x 1010mmW
Choice of Drawer Heights:
  • 850mm (supplied with 3 adjustable shelves)
  • 1200mm (supplied with 2 adjustable shelves)
  • 1500mm (supplied with 1 adjustable shelf)
Accessories and Drawer Dividers can be found in the Specification Sheet

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